About us

Who We Are

GCSS Inc. — a management consulting and corporate training firm, established in 2017 with an aim to help organizations prepare their Sustainability/ESG strategies and disclosures for their stakeholders.

We have been guiding companies throughout their sustainability journey, especially the ones who embark on this journey for the first time. Driven by our vision, we believe that “Being Sustainable” is the successful outcome that organizations should strive to attain through the implementation and alignment of several best practices/standards throughout the organization in different areas such as – Risk Management, Business Continuity, Environmental Management, People Development, Process Improvement and so on. Based on our experience, we firmly believe that the success of an organization is highly interdependent on the coherent functionality of these areas.

This made us expand and redesign our service area into four pillars of organizational success – Sustainability, Resiliency, Productivity and Sociability. Our approach is simple: simplify things to make them easier to adapt, measure, and improve.

We help our clients in implementing the right standards and framework to reach higher maturity and create a better tomorrow.


Our Mission

Be the partner of choice in our area of expertise.

Our Vision

Create a more sustainable and resilient world.

Our Organization Principles

We contribute toard a Good are-sustainable and resilent
We stay Committed towards your goal
We learn to Simplify things
We Strive to achieve excellence We look for Innovative solutions 
We Nature your dreams
We Continuously Improve

Why Work With Us?

Smart Partnership

We collaborate with our partner companies to deliver jointly high-quality solutions to attain client satisfaction & built strong client relationship, boosting effective and efficient operations.

Result-oriented Proactive Approach

We adopt a proactive approach utilizing our international exposure to assess, design, develop, and implement solutions that focus on client-specific issues.

Broad Range Of Services with Continuous Support

We offer wide range of consulting & training solutions to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations with our continuous long-term support.

Diversified Client Base

We have extensive experience on working with various industrial sector including Banking, Mining, Media, Telecom, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing.

Value-adding For Investment

We provide value adding solutions with the pool of local and international professional experts delivering services at a very competitive cost to our clients.

We Care

We love to work with our clients and help them grow. We care about our clients and take the extra mile or two to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.
GCSS 360° Quadrant

For an organization to be sustainable and resilient, it must improve on its People, Process, and Impact. Our 360° approach looks into all the functional aspects of businesses.

The way to sustainability is not limited to environmental concerns or stakeholder management, and strategic discussions do not just happen within boardrooms. 

From planning to operations, to support systems, to policies, to compliance reporting – everything comes into play and concerted efforts are initiated towards: 

Sustainability – The whole cycle of identifying, measuring, analyzing, reporting, and improving is managed with an eye on productivity and results. 

Resiliency – Aiming to improve risk management 

Productivity – Bring efficiency in processes to maximize growth 

Sociability – Develop people skills to support organizational development

How We Create Value

Empower People

Empower People through the way we do things.

Deliver Quality

Deliver Quality services to all our clients within the timeline

Result Oriented

Result Oriented Result Oriented output creating an impact

Collaborrative Approach

Collaborrative Approach to work together and create better outcome

Customer Centric

Depth understanding of client needs & their perspective

Build Relations

Build Relations and not just connections
Our Key Clients