Advanced Supervisory Skills Development

Managing people has become one of the most challenging responsibilities for any managers or supervisors, most of whom have learned on how to deal with a variety of people on the job. A number have failed, but a few have succeeded. 

The Advanced Supervisory Skills training’s goal is to provide managers with a range of essential supervisory skills that will help them to reduce the stress and improve the effectiveness of their role.  This course covers skills that enable them to manage their time, solve problems and communicate with their team in a more effective manner.

The 2-day program is delivered using a combination of instructor-led lectures, case study and exercises on practical implementation of the concepts discussed within the training. The topics presented below define the areas of focus under the program

At the end of the training, participants shall be able to:

  • Set objectives and targets to achieve the vision, mission and goals of an organization
  • Apply the skills of leadership to enhance the supervisory role
  • Motivate people and build successful teams
  • Develop verbal skills to influence people with a constructive outcome and assertiveness skills to cope confidently with different people
  • Solve problems creatively and develop and sound decision-making techniques
  • Increase effectiveness of time management and control stress

  • Senior and experienced supervisors who would like to develop into managerial responsibility
  • Supervisors who would like to develop into a more senior supervisory role
  • Senior supervisors who would like to refresh and develop their skills
  • Supervisors who would like to develop their practical and relevant skills and techniques
  • Senior team leaders
  • Senior project supervisor

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

Topic 1: Setting Objectives and Targets

  • Where are you now and where do you want to be, by when?
  • Plan and actions required to achieve these objectives
  • Improve organizational, team and individual performance with quantifiable targets

Topic 2:  Leadership

  • Vision, roles and responsibilities of an inspirational leader
  • Qualities, skills and commitment required
  • Adapting leadership styles to different situations
  • Overcoming the challenges of leadership

Topic 3: Motivation

  • Factors which motivate you and others
  • Achieving organizational goals with a motivated workforce
  • Increasing motivation to improve individual performance
  • Management skills required to motivate individuals and teams

Topic 4: Building a Team

  • Characteristics of an effective team
  • Roles and responsibilities of individuals in the team
  • Building a strong team which delivers results
  • Delegating, appraising, evaluating, coaching and mentoring skills for teambuilding

Topic 5: Influencing Skills

  • Analysis of factors which influence people
  • How to influence people without power and authority over them
  • Chairing and participating in meetings which produce results
  • Finding common ground and reaching agreement

Topic 6: Assertiveness

  • Characteristics and skills of assertiveness
  • Handling difficult people with confidence