Basic Supervisory Skills


The supervisors play an important role in the organisation. In the current competitive business environment, supervisors are under pressure to maintain the momentum and make a difference in their work. This will be possible only when the supervisors possess the right skill.

This Basic Supervisory Skills training course not only provides an understanding of the techniques required for effective supervision but has been designed to give delegates the confidence to use those techniques.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

  • Define their roles and responsibilities as a supervisor
  • Evaluate their own preferred leadership style and learn how to modify it across a range of everyday work situations
  • Identify with the knowledge, skills and appropriate leadership behaviors required for effective supervision
  • Understand what causes motivation and how to develop it within a team Determine how and when to delegate
  • Understand and practice effective communication at the team and individual level

Who Should Attend

  • All Supervisors and those currently working in a supervisory capacity
  • Managers and Business Owners who manage or supervise people
  • Those who are responsible for the development and growth of others
  • Anyone who deals with subordinates or peers
  • Supervisors and managers who are concerned about managing performance

Course Overview

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

Topic 1: Role of a Supervisor
• Characteristics of Supervisor
• Qualities of Good Supervisor
• Leadership Styles and Their Impact

Topic 2: The General Functions of a Supervisor

Topic 3: Communication Skills
• Types of Communication Skills in the Workplace
• Ways to Improve

Topic 4: Conflict Management
• Conflict Management Strategies
• Skills List and Examples

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