This 3-day course helps participants to understand the concept of PCI-DSS, the principles it operates, and the requirements needed to be certified.  This will also discuss the tools and techniques of the requirements as well as the challenges that an organization faces when implementing it.

Learning Objectives:

The Objectives of this training is to:
• Understand the requirements of the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in-depth
• Understand the implementation challenges
• Understand the right tools and techniques to help address some of the critical control requirements.
• Move ahead with compliance not just to PCI DSS, but also with the RBI guidelines

Program Duration:

3 days

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers overseeing PCI DSS compliance
  • External auditors performing PCI DSS validation
  • Security professionals operating in a PCI DSS compliant environment
  • Internal auditors desiring to validate interim compliance
  • IT staff, project managers & Risk Managers

Program Outline/Course Overview

Session 1: Introduction to PCI DSS

Session 2: PCI DSS Implementation Best Practices

Session 3: Assessment / Compliance Process

Session 4: PCI DSS v3.0

Session 5: Additional Concerns for Critical Infrastructures

Session 6: Compensating Controls

Session 7: PCI DSS Implementation Best Practices

Summary and Wrap-up


This certification and the training material is not in any way endorsed by the PCI Council.

This training is facilitated in partnership with Network Intelligence (QSA).