Critical Thinking and Decision Making

This training program focuses on how to get a structured problem-solving approach and mindset at the workplace that will help them overcome hurdles they face with established processes and systems. This will help learn and use workplace-specific tools for operational problem solving through a selection of a project prior to the program.

At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

  • Increase awareness of problem-solving & decision-making tools and techniques.
  • Enhance critical thinking skills.
  • Distinguish root causes from issues to identify the right solution for the right problem.
  • Develop simple, practical and useful new skills and techniques for use in their everyday work to enhance their problem-solving skills.
  • Systematically analyze a target problem and take calculated decisions

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

  • Understanding the Nature of Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
    • What is Positive Attitude?
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Are you Critical or Creative?
    • Thinking Patterns

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Process – 5C Methodology
    • Characterize
    • Containment
    • Causal Analysis
    • Corrective Action
    • Closure

For any questions, email TRAININGS@GCSSINC.COM or call 0917-836-5612.