Business Communication and Email Etiquette


This virtual Effective Business Communication and E-mail Etiquette workshop will focus on the communication skills needed to convey the right message correctly, clearly, concisely, and courteously to the intended stakeholders. Through examples, techniques, exercises, group and peer feedback, participants will enhance their written and verbal communication skills to communicate more effectively and confidently.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to do the following:

1. Understand the importance of effective communication and audience analysis.
2. Review key grammar concepts and edit common errors.
3. Practice writing, editing, and proofreading through exercises covering specific writing situations.
4. Build better relationships by writing correctly, clearly, concisely, and courteously.
5. Identify the elements of effective verbal and non-verbal communication to apply them in communication exercises.
6. Build confidence in communicating with others through exercises, self-assessment, and feedback.

Reports to be Discussed

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

Module I. Business Writing Overview
• Common Communication Challenges
• Audience Analysis 
Module  II. Polishing Your Writing
• Editing Common Grammatical Errors
• Revising Sentences and Paragraphs
• Using Key Punctuation Marks
• Proofreading Your Work 
Module III. Structuring Your Writing
• Organizing Ideas and Using Formats
• Using Transition Words  
Module IV. Writing Clearly and Concisely
• Using Simple Words
• Using Concise Words
• Using Concrete Language 
Module V. Writing Courteously
• Managing Expectations
• Giving Assurances
• Expressing Appreciation
• Showing Empathy and Tact
• Choosing the Right Words
• Using Positive Language
• Personalizing Your Message
• Saying “No 
Module VI. E-mail Etiquette
Module VII. Crafting Appropriate Responses
• Understanding the Customer’s Message
• What Not to Say
• Clarifying Messages
• Giving the Right Amount of Information
• Getting Readers to Take Action