Effective Business Communication and Email Etiquette


One of the most crucial factors to success in business and in one’s profession is having the competence to connect with others in the most effective, encouraging, and ethical manners. This applies to both verbal and written communications as well as to social relations.

In this course, participants would be able to practice and appreciate the value of engaging in two-way communication in order to deliver information, ideas, and feelings with clarity and impact. The pertinent communication skills comprised in this course will strengthen your capability to determine the most suitable words and pitch for every business interface, embrace the proper mindset towards success, influence your target audience logically, build quality rapport and productivity and take ethical steps that will create positive messages for your recipients.

The trainer will deliver a mixture of training systems and techniques where you will acquire or enhance your skills in critical thinking, analytical research, professional writing, detailed editing, persuasive presentation, and constructive feedback. This course will also focus on honing one’s business language skills including correct grammar, accentuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

Professionals who are contemplating advancing their careers and who want to exemplify a reputable image in effective and ethical business communication should obtain this program.

Learning Objectives

Once you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Build your Personal Brand Statement by understanding your personality and communication tendencies as well as the importance of communicating meritoriously in today’s fast-paced working environment.
  • Learn how to listen to others very effectively.
  • Express oneself in a more clear and specific way and manage the power of emotions well.
  • Add essential values in meetings by utilizing your core strengths and familiarity with diverse working methods.
  • Achieve confidence and epitomize professionalism in random speaking, company presentations, and product pitching.
  • Write unique sets of tones and targets in business emails, correspondences, and memorandums.
  • Learn to identify the possible risks of digital communication.
  • Get familiar with the efficient email structures to attain clear and precise messages such as mastering inbox priorities, subject lines, profile of email recipients, and straightforward contents.
  • Learn the protocols and principles of proof reading.
  • Exhibit mastery in professional and influential broadcast emailing without sounding too assertive.

Program Duration

2 days, 7 hours each day

Program Outline/Course Overview

Module 1:          Introduction to Business Communication and Email Etiquette

Module 2:          Understanding the Essence of Communication   

Module 3:          What is your Communication Style: Understanding People with Different Communication Styles    

Module 4:            The most common ways we communicate

Module 5:          Communicating to Influence and Persuade

Module 6:          Three-Minute Video

Module 7:          How Influential People speak effectively

Module 8:          Determining the Barriers to Communication

Module 9:          The Value of LISTENING vs. Hearing

Module 10:        Using the S.T.A.R. Method of Speaking

Module 11:        Expressing One’s Self: How to Improve Body Language

Module 12:        The Five Ethical Components of Communication

Module 13:        Applying the Guidelines of Netiquette (or Internet Etiquette)

Module 14:        Managing Email Overload

Module 15:        Workshop Proper / Exercises

For a complete course outline, email trainings@gcssinc.com.