Effective Presentation Skills

Regardless of who you are or what you do, being able to communicate in a public setting is a necessary skill to have.  People need to be able to express themselves effectively in order to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in life.

This course addresses the importance of effective presentation.  It will teach participants useful skills for speaking in public through an explanation of informative, persuasive, and narrative speeches. Participants will be required to present a two-minute “elevator speech” to highlight skills learned.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to complete the following key tasks:

– Acquire skills for making an Effective Presentation
– Equip oneself to communicate in Public
– Sharpen presentation skills through practice and feedback
– More confident employee
– Overcoming the fear of public speaking
– More confident and effective presenters
– Better communication techniques.

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

Module 1: Why give a presentation?

• Understanding the audience centric presentation and its purpose.
• 3 A’s of presentation
• Creating the first impression

Module 2: Preparation before presenting

• Gathering data
• Arranging data in a sequential manner
• Verifying the facts
• Understanding your audience
• Practising your presentation

Module 3: Nonverbal and verbal presentation.

• Dressing it right for the occasion
• Overcoming the anxiety
• Doing away with fillers
• Positive body language and expressions
• Being proactive

Module 4Handling the Audience

• Judging the Mood
• Dealing with smart audience
• Being polite and firm.
• Coping with Hostility
• Ending Strongly and Persuasively