Grammar and Business Writing


Learning is Never Done Without Errors and Defeat – Vladimir Lenin

Business writing is a form of professional communication that typically consists of memorandums, emails, letters, and other documents.[1] Usually found within a work environment, business writing helps employees communicate efficiently. Business writing is also used for communication with outside sources such as other companies or customers. The goal of business writing is to clearly define to your audience what you are trying to portray. – Wikipedia

Based on what kind of audience you are writing to, (boss, coworkers, customers, other companies) certain formats will be expected. Your audience also dictates the content of the document and its tone. In most cases, a professional tone is expected although in some instances, such as with coworkers a more casual tone can be used.

Learning Objectives

Once you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify common challenges in business writing
  • Compose grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs
  • Practice writing according to purpose, objective, and target audience
  • Exercise professional tone in writing emails, letter, and reports
  • Apply global standards in effective business writing

Program Duration

2 days, 7 hours each day

Program Outline/Course Overview

Basic English Grammar

  • Discussing Course Scope and Expectations
  • Answering and Checking English Grammar Assessment
    • Nouns and Pronouns: Number (Singular and Plural) and Person (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
    • Subject-Verb Agreement
      • Using Modals (Can, Could, Would, Will, Shall and Should)
      • Using Tenses (Simple, Progressive and Perfect)
    • Adjectives and Adverbs
      • Using Articles (A, An, The), Comparative (More, Most) and Demonstrative (This, These, That, Those)
      • Using Manner, Time, Place, Frequency and Reason
    • Conjunctions and Prepositions
      • Using Coordinating (FANBOYS) and Correlative (Either-or, Neither-nor, Not only-but also)
      • Using “In, On and At” according to Time and Place

 Basic English Composition

  • Answering and Checking English Composition Assessment
  • Constructing Grammatically Correct Sentences: Use Proper Punctuation and Capitalization
  • Composing Paragraphs on Given Topics and Scenarios: Use Thought Organization

 Basic English Conversations

  • Benchmarking: Read and Listen to Given English Text for Discussion
  • Listening and Reading: Understand Simple Texts in English 
    • Answering Simple Comprehension Questions with Matching Answers Using Sentences
    • Understanding the Main Idea through Spoken and Written Tone
    • Identifying Supporting Details for Clarity of Understanding
  • Assessing Speaking Skills in English through Impromptu Activity

English Conversations Practice

  • Speaking: Use Different Scenarios
    • Making conversations in familiar situations (e.g. café, chatting about the family, weekend)
    • Asking and responding to simple questions with modeling
    • Describe things and giving directions
    • Talking about historical, current, and future events
  • Putting It All Together: Practice Listening, Reading and Speaking through Role Play
  • Evaluating Performance for Recognition and Action Planning

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