Integrated MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint

No programming is required for this session.

The participants will be able to adequately appreciate the integration links of these various applications, which when properly used, can significantly reduce “manual interventions” of the “oft-repeated cut and paste” techniques, and replace these manual techniques with integrated technologies already pre-built into the Office environment.

The use of MS Word’s powerful style sheets adds further simplification to document preparation and eliminates the manual “page breaks” which oftentimes “break” the document into “disproportionate” paging and negates the built-in feature of automated paginations.

At the end of this webinar, participants are expected to be capable of understanding the integration of the MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint trilogy. The participants will also be able to “embed” into each application “data and/ or objects”, that can be “shared” and automatically “updated” by using any and/ or all these MS Office products together.

Participants must have used MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for the last 6 months

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

Day 1 

– AI-assisted dictation capability to Microsoft Word
– Creating style sheets
– Applying styles sheets for consistency in format
– Tagging of paragraphs for uniform presentation of documents
– Automated creation of Table of Contents (TOC)
– Inserting document borders and page numbering

Day 2

– Performing spelling check
– Inserting Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Word
– Inserting Microsoft Excel into Microsoft PowerPoint
– Starting Microsoft Word Mail merge
– Understanding Microsoft Mail merge feature
– Creating Microsoft Mail merge data sources

– Performing Microsoft Mail merge
– Applying Microsoft style sheets for Microsoft Word
– Impact of stylesheets on long documents


Day 3

– Performing Microsoft Word Mail merge to output to Microsoft Outlook
– Mass mailing using Microsoft Mail merge
– Open Microsoft PowerPoint from linked Microsoft Excel
– Embedding Microsoft Word into Microsoft Excel
– Embedding Microsoft PowerPoint into Microsoft Word
– Embedding Microsoft Excel into PowerPoint
– Applying transitions in Microsoft PowerPoint

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