MS Excel Intermediate


Today, employers across many industries and fields expect candidates to have Microsoft Office skills, as it is the most universally utilized software in the business. Having these skills, even at a basic level, will help with your job prospects and increase your chances to be considered for most roles.

This 1-day training will enable and equip participants with productive yet easy techniques in using MS Excel. From Tabular Data to Various Reports, easily, and productively.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the training, participants are expected to understand:
• Understand the functions and uses of the MS Excel
• Use MS Excel applications proficiently
• Be capable of generating various reports, using the Tabular Data feature of MS Excel
• Easily create appropriate graphs and charts, based on the Tabular Data feature of MS Excel
• Perform Vlookup/Hlookup/Index-Match functionalities
• Create Static and/or Dynamic names for easy recall of Named Ranges
• Perform easier data consolidation (for Excel 2013 and above versions)
• Use the powerful Date and Time Features of MS Excel
• And more…

Target Audience:
• Rank and file employees
• At least Supervisors / Team Leaders
• Top Management

Program Duration:

1 day

Program Outline/Course Overview

The Program is delivered using a combination of instructor-led lectures, case study, and exercises on the practical implementation of the concepts discussed within the training. The topics presented below define the areas of focus under the program.

Topic 1: Working with Data and Excel Tables

Topic 2: Performing Calculations

Topic 3: Changing workbook appearance

Topic 4: Generating various reports easily and productively

Topic 5: Combining Data from Multiple Sources