ISO 9001_2015 Documentation Course


While ISO 9001:2015 has reduced the requirements for documentation, it is important that users understand that documentation often remains the most practical method available to control processes and their outcomes, as well as providing evidence. In many cases, users of ISO 9001:2015 may not eliminate documentation at all. This course is designed to help ensure that users understand that documentation is often the most straightforward method to control outcomes and processes and to demonstrate conformance to auditors, customers, and other interested parties.

Help your organization and other interested parties understand when to document, and how much documentation is needed as well as choose the type of documentation based on the real business needs of the organization

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should know how to:

  • Understand the documentation framework and requirements of the standard
  • Develop and implement a documentation plan 
  • Prepare your organization’s quality manual, procedures and work instructions

Who Should Attend

  • Top Management or Senior Management who are planning to further improve their organization’s quality management system;
  • Quality and Productivity Program Managers to complement the existing quality and productivity initiatives in their organization;
  • Those whose organization is certified but have not attended the awareness program
  • Those who wish to learn how to improve further their quality management system
  • Those who wish to increase their competence about the quality management system

Program Duration

2 days, 8 hours each day

Program Outline/Course Overview

The Program is delivered using a combination of a web-based instructor-led lecture, case study and exercises on the practical implementation of the concepts discussed within the training.

For a complete course outline, email