Lean Thinking Management


This webinar will help companies to effectively start their management implementation towards process improvement. Understand what’s really going on in your workplace where value is created, improve the processes and eliminate waste.

Learning Objectives

Some of the benefits you can attain after implementing the learning from the training would be:

  • Define the Lean methodology and its principles
  • Apply the lean principles in the company’s process improvement program/initiative
  • Learn the basic Lean tools available to support the overall goal in eliminating waste in the workplace leading to a faster and more productive process
  • Implement a Lean thinking mindset/culture in the organization

Course Overview

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

  • What is Lean and Lean thinking?
  • Importance of Kaizen
  • Introduction to the 10 basic Lean tools
    • Value stream map
    • Process map
    • 5S
    • Process balancing
    • Work standardization and combination
    • Kanban

For any questions, email TRAININGS@GCSSINC.COM or call 0917-836-5612.