Overview of Philippine Taxation


This 2-day program aims to educate the participant of the basic concepts of Philippine taxation to bring clarity and much-needed understanding on taxes in the Philippines and how and when to file for these.  It also includes business taxes and how to avoid paying tax through tax exemptions.

Learning Objectives:

The Objectives of this training is to:
• Provide a preview of Philippine taxation
• Educate on different kinds of taxes and on the dates for filing for them
• Learn about the business tax and tax-exempt

Program Duration:

2 days

Who Should Attend:

  • Aspiring/Seasoned  Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Self-employed
  • Anyone who wants to know Philippine taxation

Program Outline/Course Overview

Day 1

Topic 2: Overview of forms to be filed and tax rates to be used
• Define Taxes
• Duties of Taxpayers
• Starting-up a Business-Taxes
• Type of Registration
• Business Taxes
• Income Taxes
• Regular and OSD
• Withholding taxes
• Seller vs. buyer, regular and expanded
• Final Taxes
• Donor’s Tax
• Estate Tax
• Excise Tax

Day 2

Topic 2: Overview of forms to be filed and tax rates to be used

Topic 3: Submission of forms and deadlines

Topic 4: Financial Statements and the related taxes

Topic 5: Understanding Your Company Taxes

Topic 6: How to Minimize Paying Taxes Legally

Summary and Wrap-up