Problem Solving and Decision Making


This course trains participants in the use of a clear-thinking approach and tools to define problems then identify, assess, and select appropriate solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and define problems, their causes, and effects
  • Formulate and select the appropriate solutions to identified problems
  • Apply risk management to anticipate and appropriately respond to potential problems

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in developing their problem solving and decision-making skills.

Program Duration

2-days with 7 hours per day

Program Outline/Course Overview

PSDM Framework Overview

  • Basic Patterns of Thinking
  • The PSDM Framework

Situation Analysis

  • Situational Assessment
  • Identify Concerns
  • Clarify Concerns
  • Set Priority
  • Plan for Resolution

Problem Analysis

  • Structure of a Problem
  • Problem Analysis Framework
  • Problem Definition
  • Describe the Problem
  • Identify Possible Causes of the Problem

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