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Kaizen is a continuous process improvement philosophy that promotes constant improvement by monitoring business processes and making adjustments. It involves people at all levels of the organization to participate in Kaizen. 

This course provides individuals with an awareness of the philosophy and the Kaizen approach and tools. Effectively applying Kaizen philosophy and tools can significantly improve value-added productivity and reduce waste and associated costs.

Learning Objectives

This training will provide guidance to the attendees on how Kaizen aims for improvements in productivity, effectiveness, safety, and waste reduction. Once you start following the Kaizen approach, you will often find a whole lot more in return. Some of the benefits you can attain after implementing the learning from the training would be:

  • Less waste – inventory is used more efficiently as are employee skills.
  • People are more satisfied – they have a direct impact on the way things are done.
  • Improved commitment – team members have more of a stake in their job and are more inclined to commit to doing a good job.

  • Improved consumer satisfaction – coming from higher quality products with fewer faults.
  • Improved problem solving – looking at processes from a solutions perspective allows employees to solve problems continuously.
  • Improved teams – working together to solve problems helps build and strengthen existing teams.
  • Improved retention – satisfied and engaged people are more likely to stay.
  • Improved competitiveness – increases in efficiency tend to contribute to lower costs and higher quality products.

Course Overview

The following are the subjects to be taken up during the workshop proper

Module 1: Kaizen Introduction

  • Kaizen importance
  • Key concepts
  • History of Kaizen
  • The Kaizen Concept and Guiding Principles
  • Kaizen Management (PDCA, SDCA)

Module 2: Kaizen IntroductionKaizen and HR Principles

  • 8 Golden principles of HR
  • Where does Kaizen fits in HR Operations
  • What can be achieved by implementing Kaizen in HR Operations
  • The Role of A Leader

Module 3: Kaizen – Using the Lean Approach

  • Five Principles of Lean
  • Toyota 3M Mode
  • 8 Types of Wastes (Products & Service Waste)
  • 5S Movement
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Poka Yoke Mistake Proofing