Root Cause Analysis


Root Cause Analysis is a process for identifying the causes that underlie variation in performance, including the occurrence or possible occurrence of a sentinel event. A structured evaluation method that identifies the root causes for an undesired outcome and the actions adequate to prevent a recurrence. Root cause analysis should continue until organizational factors have been identified, or until data are exhausted.

This course is directed towards those who will be responsible for solving problems and/or leading groups in problem-solving efforts. The emphasis is on the Process of Root Cause Analysis as opposed to the various data collection tools. The Process is Repeatable regardless of the situation, whereas the use of data analysis tools will vary depending upon the situation.


Learning Objectives

The Objectives of this training is to:

  • Enhance problem-solving effectiveness by providing a model for more deeply analyzing problem situations.
  • Promote the ability to provide problem-solving support in situations where one is not an expert in the process or technology involved.
  • Expand the range of tools available for analysis of problem situations.
  • Apply RCA tools and techniques that help analyze breakdowns in work processes.

Who Should Attend

  • Quality and Process Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Corrective Action Coordinators or Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders and Process Operators or anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve recurring problems

Program Duration

1 day

Program Outline/Course Overview


Day 1

Topic 1: Business Needs
• Drivers for Business Success
• Business Process Steps

Topic 2: Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis
• Problem Solving Terminology
• Root Cause and Root Cause Analysis
• The Basics of Root Cause Analysis
• Why Root Cause Analysis?
• Basic Types of Causes

Topic 3: Types of Solution
• Correction
• Corrective Action
• Preventive Action

Topic 4: The Root Cause Analysis Process & Tools
Step 1: Define the Problem
Step 2: Collect Data
• Pareto Chart
• Check Sheet
Step 3: Identify Possible Causal Factors
• RCA Tools
– Whys
– Cause and Effect Diagram
Step 4: Identify the Root Cause (s)
Step 5: Recommend and Implement Solutions
• Decision Making Process
• Action Plan

Coaching / Counselling
Summary and Wrap-up

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