DATE: August 25, 2020
TIME: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
VENUE: Online

From creating your own “box”, or the perceptions that you have built yourself over time, you can then let go of things that you think are suitable about yourself but actually do not work.

You can then build a set of new beliefs and ways of thinking by looking into ways that you could improve in, and break down those that may hinder your progress of one’s self.

Building the better box can give a lot of benefits for you

  • Think more about improving yourself;
  • Imagine more things that can actually solve a problem in the world;
  • Reduce negative thoughts that lead to negative impacts;
  • Create positive thoughts that lead to positive actions;
  • Become more progressive in your physical, mental, and social actions; and
  • Explore of ways to creating your own path to sustainable development.

By the end of the online session, you will have more ideas about old self-beliefs that limit your potential, and build into new strengths and actions. In the age of searching for the new normal, you too can build a bigger and better “box” by literally thinking outside the old one.

Your Facilitator: James Bishop

As an enthusiastic facilitator, learning experience designer and team coach, James has delivered over 600 days of programs in 20 countries to more than 20,000 people from over 150 companies. More specifically, James is a master at the Gamification of the learning journey.