The 2030 SDGs Game

GCSS, in partnership with Hongkong-based consulting firm Koru Consulting, offers this multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030. This is an innovative, unique and highly collaborative approach to real-world issues. The more diverse the game participants are, the more representative of society it is, exploring how the world can achieve sustainability goals.

The 2030 SDGs Game events are now held in corporate, governmental, educational, and community settings globally. GCSS is one of the few organizations in Southeast Asia that offers this.

SDGs Game



Participants experience a change in perspective. Most players finish the game feeling excited, connected and ready to take action.

Players often ask, “What can I do next to make a difference?”

While players do finish the game with an understanding of the goals, targets and the various ways the world can achieve these. The change in attitude and worldview is the most significant effect.


The game was made by Imacocollabo, a company that focuses on international collaboration.

Designed in Japan in 2016, this experience has become a powerful and impactful social phenomenon in Japan. Earning extensive media coverage and reaching over 30,000 participants last year.

2030 SDGs Game events take place in corporate, governmental, educational, and community settings. There are now over 300 trained facilitators within the community in Japan.

Now, due to a growing demand to bring the game to the rest of the world. Imacocollabo has created an English version.

The game is a starting point. Ask us how we can support you on your sustainability journey.


James Bishop

A dynamic facilitator, learning experience designer and team coach, James brings with him over 25 years of experience and insights in managing and leading projects in a variety of industries, countries and cultures.

Over the last 10 years, James has designed and delivered over 600 days of programs in 20 countries to more than 20,000 people from over 145 companies.

More specifically, James is a master at the Gamification of the learning journey and also the workshop, conference and event experience. Some tools he may use to support a process may include LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, Gallups Clifton Strengths, ESP (Empathy for Style Preference) Game, Thinking-In-and-Out-of-the-Box Method, The 2030 SDGs Game.

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