There is no one-way of getting things done.  That also applies to leadership.  With different situation, comes different approach.  Leaders or managers aren’t trained to deal with the situation but would only learn everything on the job, thus the need for the situational leadership training, which is the most widely taught leadership model in the world.  It highlights different styles of approaching a situation, making it a blueprint for leaders to follow.

Situational Leadership is a very powerful model to increase managers’ effectiveness that is used by 14 million people worldwide and by 70% of Fortune 500™ companies. It is an easy-to-understand model that can be an enormously powerful tool in day to day business. When correctly applied the process literally has the potential to transform your business.

GoDaddy started using Situational Leadership  as part of its training during 2014. Since then, it has trained over 150 managers with a 98% satisfaction rating. In follow-up assessments after training, we have found that managers are more adaptable in their style … showing that the benefits stick over time.

Program Overview

This is a 2-day program which would equip the participant with necessary leadership skills needed to succeed in managing a team.  Identifying the problem areas as well as opportunities and adapting appropriate leadership styles to address the situation at hand, are just few of the crucial items that will be discussed in the training.  Having 4 leadership models as guidance, the participant will be able to conduct high-quality conversations with each team members which would increase their performance, and support their independence at work.

Learning Objectives

  • Help individuals diagnose a situation and use appropriate approach
  • Enhance leadership skills critical on leading a team to a desired goal
  • Equip an individual with strategies and models vital in dealing with employees of varying development level
  • Increase the quality of conversations about performance and development

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness
  • Executives and senior-level managers
  • Mid-level, new managers or supervisors

Program Duration

2 days, 7 hours each day

Program Outline/Course Overview


  • Introduction of Situational Leadership
    • What is Situational Leadership
    • Benefits to the organization
  • What is the Leadership Model
  • Steps in Situational Leadership Process
  • Development Level of the Follower
    • Development stage D1
    • Development stage D2
    • Development stage D3
    • Development stage D4
  • Different Leadership Styles
    • Identifying which styles for which development level
  • Strengths and Limitations of the Model
  • Workshop


  • Exploring different Motivations for Influencing people
    • Fredrick Herzberg’s Motivational theory
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Factors for employees
  • Motivation
    • Motivational factors for employees
    • Motivational tools for leaders
    • Motivation and personality
    • Motivation and situational approach to leadership
    • Motivation and Culture
  • Case Studies
    • H&M
    • Google
    • Hilton Worldwide
  • Summary

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