In essence, stakeholder engagement represents an organization actively seeking to engage and listen to those affected by its operations. Ideally, these discussions may have some applied structure or framework by which the groups may prepare, so that they may stay focused on the topic at hand, but should ideally be conducted without precondition. One could think of stakeholder engagement as being the model of frank, open, and honest dialogue.

We facilitate dialogue between companies and their respective stakeholders interested in determining social and environment challenges material to them. We engage businesses and stakeholder groups in an equal and transparent way and employ informal as well as formal engagement strategies.


  1. External / Internal Stakeholder Engagement Workshops – Sustainability
  2. Stakeholder Identification, Mapping & Prioritization 
  3. Development of Stakeholder Engagement Framework
  4. Identification of Material Aspects thru Stakeholder Engagement


  1. Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AccountAbility, UK – AA 1000SES)