Advanced MS Excel


This live webinar on Advanced Microsoft Excel has been prepared for those wishing to understand the

powerful features of Microsoft Excel considering that Microsoft Excel is now used worldwide by about a

billion users.

This course is intended to introduce participants into a step-by-step hands-on training workshop on

expanding their skills and very advanced techniques in using MS Excel. Streamlining and simplifying the

way Excel is used is a primary consideration for this hands-on training workshop.

This live webinar is conducted over a period of three consecutive days with 4 hours each.


At the end of the training, participants shall be able to:

  • Understand the usage, advanced functions, and features of MS Excel.
  • Apply them to varied situations and problems encountered at work; and
  • Understand the importance of ensuring the accuracy and the security of data and apply them at

all times when using this powerful spreadsheet tool.

  • Learn how to generate reports in a fast and easy way through employing the simple and elegant

the process of adding new data, updating existing data, and refreshing all related reports.

  • Gain knowledge on the advanced capabilities of MS Excel
  • Automate and eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Improve work process of the employees by the application of advanced techniques
  • Secure documents in just a few easy ways
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