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Having efficient and effective productivity strategies are critical to the success of any organization. However, strategies sound like nothing more than a wish if not executed effectively. 


Organizational productivity can be improved by having the right process improvement skills that helps to identify, analyze, and bring about improvement in the existing processes.

Business processes can be informal or formal and touch a variety of company functions: information technology, employee development and training, customer service satisfaction, etc. Regardless of the process you are trying to enhance, the improvement procedure follows a similar path. Through our process improvement skills, we help organizations to implement productivity tools and standards to eliminate process waste and increase efficiency.

Key services we offer in the area of Productivity

Quality Management System

Process Improvement

Project Management

Occupational Health & Safety

Data Analysis

Six Sigma

Quality Management System

The process of creating and following policies and procedures to ensure that an organization meets the defined strategies and objectives it was intended to meet from the stakeholder’s perspective is termed as Quality Management.

The main objective of QMS is to attain long term success through customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 is the most popular standard intended for quality management as it provides guidance to attain higher quality results. This standard is applicable for all types of industries and sectors. GCSS helps clients in implementing the ISO 9001 and its family of standards at the client workplace to improve the quality through process efficiency.


  • Standardize processes across the organization 
  • “Do what you write and write what you do only” approach 
  • Increase the efficiency of the processes thus increasing productivity 
  • Attain higher level of customer satisfaction by managing their expectations 

Consulting & Training* Services Offered

  1. Training and Implementation of Quality Standards:
    A. Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
    B. Quality Management System for Automotive Production (ISO 16949)
    C. Guidelines on Auditing Management System (ISO 19011)
  2. Documentation of Processes
  3. Internal Audit and Assessment of compliance towards the standard